Soft Skills You Need to Achieve Career Growth

Soft skills define a combination of people skills, social skills, communication skills, emotional intelligence, and personality traits that make it easy to get along and work seamlessly with other people. Soft skills can be taught, but they are not as straightforward as hard skills. Hard skills can be quantified and improved. You can learn some advanced mathematics or writing skills, and you can get better at writing better code. However, when it comes to soft skills, things such as small talk, empathy, honesty, among others, can be tough to learn. That is not to mean soft skills are not worth investing in. You will need to have hard skills to land a job that excites you and advance your career.

Here are some of the most important soft skills you need, in case you want to advance your career.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence often relates to the ability to recognize and manage your emotions and the emotions of others. It is made up of five key elements, which include the following. Self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy as well as social skills. In the context of the workplace, emotional intelligence relates to a few abilities. Can you recognize and regulate emotions and reactions in workplaces? Are you able to build rapport and positive relations with other people? Are you able to emphatic with others and can you give and receive effective and constructive feedback? It can be one of the most important skills you need to manage and advance growth in your career.

Team player attitude

The ability to play well with others is an important soft skill you need to have. Take it for example when at an early age, but that was preparing you for some level of good team building. Whether you are an individual contributor or working with others, be it in meetings, brainstorming moments, and other cross-functional projects, you need to develop a positive can-do attitude and work in collaboration with others. You need to be able to run effective and inclusive meetings and be open to new ideas while working respectively with others.

Growth Mindset

In any job, no matter what you do, you will encounter a lot of roadblocks, disappointments as well as other situations that will leave you so much frustrated. An important soft skill critical for your ability to persevere is having a growth mindset. It defines a frame of thinking that reflects viewing your abilities, talents, and intelligence as a skill you can grow and improve over time. Someone with a growth mindset might look at failure as an opportunity to improve on their weaknesses and be ready to tackle the next challenges on their way.

Openness to feedback

Openness to feedback is part of emotional intelligence, especially when it comes to the workplace. You need to be open to receive feedback on your performance and improve on the same. Constructive feedback helps you do the best job you can, and if you take it personally and react defensively, you will not be able to adapt to any challenges that come your way.





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