Important Elements to Include in Your Employee Handbook

An employee handbook is a critical document for setting clear expectations for new employees, and provides policies for all employees to follow. By doing so, it makes it easier for employees to know how to deal with a problem when such arises. Among other things, employee handbook should cover everything from dress code and vacation days to the code of conduct as well as nondiscriminatory policies. Additionally, it helps in setting the tone for what it’s like to work at your company. It is not just a list of what not to do, but also a chance to express your company mission statement, as well as workplace culture.

Here are some important elements to include in your employee template.

Introduction to company and values

At this section, you will want to describe the history of your company, including where you were founded and why. Additionally, you want to have a brief introduction of your company mission statement, as well as adding some other relevant insights into your company culture. What is the biggest priority in your workplace? All those important and key elements should be included at that stage. You need to give your new employees the elevator speech on why your company matters and why they should be excited to be part of the same.

Code of conduct

In this section, you need to give your employees a general overview of information in regards to ethics and compliance. Ultimately, a code of conduct will allow you to out an emphasis on your company values as well as the desired behavior you wish to foster in your leaders and employees. All these rules will be useful in fairly regulating and assessing behaviors of your employees. You will want to include as many specific details as possible. You may want your employees to know the definition of excessive tardiness, and how tardiness will be disciplined. Alternatively, you may also want to include specific dress code requirements in this section.


As far as policies are concerned, there are a lot of elements to include. You may want to include equal employment and nondiscriminatory policies in this section. You will want each employee to know that discrimination and harassment of any know will not be tolerated at workplace. Even a single instance of discrimination can create a lot of toxicity in the entire company culture. You will want to include other policies such as computers and technology policy. Additionally, create a room for compensation and benefits policy. If there is anything you want to include as far as new hire and separation policy is concerned, be sure to have the same included.

Compensation and benefits policy

All employees will be interested to know about their benefits on issues regarding to their health care, dental, vision, life insurance, stocks among others. In this section, you can let them know about all their benefits such as tuition reimbursements, commuter benefits, parking, employee referral bonuses among others. You will also want to include critical information in regards to salaries, payroll deductions and compensation increases for specific job descriptions so as to ensure you properly convey how each employee can advance their incomes.

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