Tips to Creating Effective Video Ads Campaign for

Social media has taken businesses by storm. It has changed how companies interact with customers and attract new ones. Social media is fast-paced and innovative. Since its inception, marketing has been text and image-based, but this is changing now. New platforms like Periscope and traditional channels like Facebook and Twitter are now carrying video content. As expected, this is changing marketing. How then do you leverage this new development? How can you create an effective video ad campaign for your business?

Have a Plan

You need first to figure out the type of message you want the video ad to convey. Is it a product promotion or an introductory video? Are you looking to emphasize your experience and reputation or convey customer reviews? These questions help you create an effective video ad as you will have a clear objective.

Personalize the Video

Personalizing your video ad will make it relatable and less robotic. That will improve its effectiveness, and you will probably make a higher impact. One of the ways to personalize your video ad is by including customer testimonials. You can also include your customer’s and employees’ pictures. Show some people using your product or enjoying your services in the video. Ensure that the people in the video permit you to use their names, likeness, or both.

Write your script

While you can always get good low-cost scriptwriters on sites like Elance, it is highly recommended that you write your script for your business. Nobody understands your business and is more passionate about it than you. Should you hire a scriptwriter, work with them to develop the script.

Consider professional voice artists

Not everybody can speak in front of a camera comfortably in a video ad. Not every voice can make an effective voiceover for an ad too. You should consider hiring a professional voice artist to do the voiceover once you finish the script.

Select an appropriate setting.

The setting is to a video ad what the location is to business. The setting will create a lasting impression for the people seeing your business for the first time. It is like a first impression to any potential customer. When you have the option, shoot the ad indoors as you will be in control of the background noise and lighting.

Pay attention to lighting

Use professional lighting for high-quality video ads. If you cannot have the lighting for any reason, shoot the ad during the day preferably in front of a window with the overhead lights on. If you want to go all out on video ads, consider buying a video light kit.

Keep it short but include a call to action

Do not make the ad longer than 30 seconds. Keep it sweet and call on your audience to do something like creatively visiting your website. Video marketing has been with us on television, but social media threatened its relevance. Now digital media is bringing it back to relevance. Following these tips when creating a video ad can help you create a buzz online.

The Happiness Advantage and How It Improves Productivity

What comes first between unhappy employees and a drop in productivity? There seems to be a lot of debate when it comes to the two.  There is always a connection between happiness and success as well as why people struggle to find satisfaction at work. Many business owners have benefited from applying findings between employee happiness and productivity, to inject such ideas into their business settings and get the best out of their employees. The approaches use makes it easier to motivate employees and rally them around business goals.

The happiness advantage provides insights into subconscious decision making and the roadblocks that prevent people from achieving their goals. There are different principles that define the happiness advantage. These principles act as guidelines that people use to make significant changes in their lives and include the following.

The Happiness Advantage

This principle represents a summary of the overall idea of this theory. It states that when people are happy, they perform to their best abilities and become more successful. Rather than working harder to be happier, employees need to be satisfied to achieve their goals. This idea can be quite conflicting. This is because many of us have been raised to believe that hard work leads to success. However, this principle doesn’t devalue in any way work ethic. Instead, it state that work ethic can be optimized if employees are happy in their positions.

The Fulcrum & The Leverdictate

This aspect is based on the principle that people experience happiness based on how they perceive the environment and daily activities. Happiness is not about lying to ourselves or turning a blind eye to the negative, but it is about adjusting our brain so that we can see and rise above situations that face us. This is to mean we can dictate our happiness by recognizing roadblocks and identifying how to overcome them. Once the path of success has been clearly defined, it becomes much easier to provoke change.

The Tetris Effect

The Tetris effect refers to the ability of the brain to scan an environment for positive and negative outcomes. Just like Tetris, our minds try to find the outcome that best suits our understanding of a situation. With this principle, our brains can get stuck looking for solely positive or negative results based on out past experiences. To combat any form of negativity, you need to end your day by looking at positive experiences. By searching for happiness in your day to day routine, it helps you in recognizing possibilities and working around to be always happy.

20 Second Rule

The 20 second rule is a guideline that helps people stay committed to their goals. This rule states that if you want to accomplish a goal, you need to remove all roadblocks that might inhibit your ability to do so. Ideally, you need to position yourself in a way that only required a 20 second to take the next step needed to achieve your goals.  Another important element to note is social investment. There is a lot of relationship between happiness and social support. There is a strong relationship between happiness and how we interact with our friends and families.